Colorado: Green Grass Is In

Hydro Seeding

Hydro-seeding is a process accomplished by utilizing a large mobile machine that we bring to your home or business.
Your turf area should be raked smooth. Remember, your’re going to be mowing your yard and playing in your yard, so you want it fairly even. Some smaller rock (<1/2″) is certainly acceptable.
You want to accomplish the same Soil Preparation as you would if you were to be sodding.

Allow your newly hydro-seeded lawn to dry overnight before you begin watering.

Into our machine goes water, the variety of seed that you selected in an appropriate amount, fertilizer, tackifier and wood/fiber mulch. The machine thoroughly blends all these ingredients into a homogeneous slurry mix.
Our operators can now apply this slurry mix over your prepared soil. It will be very green at first due to the dye included in the mulch. The color serves not only as a marker for application, but also for a positive aesthetic effect. The color will fade in a week or so.
Some of the slurry might get on lawn edging, rock mulch, fence or any surface directly adjacent to the lawns edge. Don’t worry though, there are no harmful chemicals and this can be swept off of some surfaces after the tackifier sets overnight. If one tries to wash this ‘overspray’ off immediately following the application, the mulch would be washed away from the edge of the lawn leaving voids in the lawn.
Allow your newly hydro-seeded lawn to dry overnight before you begin watering. The tackifier will set-up as it dries and this product helps to hold the mulch and seed securely to the soil.
Watering is the secret to your new lawns success. Too little water causes the seedlings to transpire as they germinate on hot days or if watering is severely neglected. Over watering can cause fungus, mold, rot and run-off. It won’t be hard for you to ‘learn’ your new yard.