Colorado: Green Grass Is In


So often we forget that seeding is where sod comes from! We are an impatient society continually wanting instant gratification. Sod is instant. Brown soil one minute, and in a flash of an eye you have green grass! The reality is that the difference of whether you spend $3,800 or $1,000 (based on 10,000 square feet) is about 4 months. Now, that’s a pretty good return on your money ($2,800 on a $1,000 investment in 4 months!)
Spend that $2,800 on 7 – 2″ caliper shade trees planted or 70 – #5 shrubs planted or 1/2 of an automatic lawn sprinkler or 1/2 of a hot tub or … well you get it.
Barefoot Farms offers two methods of seeding. Each method works well, however, each has very definite advantages depending on factors unique to your particular project.



Check out the following resources for additional information on native grass seeding and landscaping